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Is the guy I like moving to fast , and does he just like my looks,and how do I know if he likes me to?

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Hi, I'm jasmine 14 and I like a guy he's 12. I met him on Halloween and he got my number from my brother(his friend) and he started txting me, we made an agreement is he shows me his abs we will have a quick kiss(peck) and hug, well we were hugging he felt me up and I loved it because that's the farthest iv gotten with a guy. The text time I saw him we hugged forever and he felt me up Alot we also started making out. He tells his friends that he likes me, but when I ask him he just says(he nearly knows me and he wants to stay single for now) but whenever we hangout we always end up making out again and I ended up falling in love with him well I liked him alot. Also it seems like he doesn't have time to text anymore he never Txts me back unless he starts the convo but he takes forever to reply.also, when we were asking ?s to get to know eachother better he just asked about kissing not any ?s that would make him get to know me better. So I was woundering if you think I should keep trying for him or move on to guys my age. He might just like me for my body to idk what do you think I should do?
asked Nov 25, 2012 in Relationship by anonymous

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WellI defienitly think that you should move on!! 12 year olds don't know what they're doing in relationships. There just hormone crazed kids. But for the future, if you would like to know if a guy truly likes you before you date him, follow this list

1. You need to look at the persons eyes. If you can see the persons staring at you when yet think you don't notice, this is a sign of attraction or shyness

2. When you are in a conversation with the person, if they look you directly in the eyes, this is a sign of attraction and respect for the person.

3. When you look into the persons eye, the eye should dialate when the yes make contact. This shows the sign  of attraction and happiness that you looked at the person. If they don't dialate then that means that that person thinks of you as a freind.

4.lookat the persons body language. Notice how the person changes the bubble between themselves and others. Also look for the spreading of legs and the outward facing of palms

5. Listen tTo there words. If they use a lot of we's and you's, they may think of you as attracting. A good way to also tell is by playful verbal behaved, if they give you playful nick names and smile a lot, this my be there lousy way of trying to get you to like them back. But we all do it!!!

6. Try to test there feelings. Get in there personal space. I know I hate it when guys walk like right next to me when I not attracted that way. (: get within three feet of them and if they don't step back then they will most Likly be attracted to you. Try touching them on there arms. If they don't shrug off your hands then they may like that. Get lower as time goes on and eventually work your way to there hands. They will feel comfortable holding it. Or if you dOnt want to hold it yet, just grab there hand to lead them places.

  7. My last step is for when you are in a relationship and are thinking about your first kiss. If you want to know if that person wants to kiss you, look at there eyes when you talk and they will most Likly be looking at your lips. They will also but there lip if they are trying to keep themselves from kissing you. Some people may take longer though. It is totally natural for people to do this though. If they are not doing this, you do it to tell them you want to. They will not try to get away from that kiss if they know it's coming. Also if they are the ones showing the signs, just kiss them!!

   This is all the info I have. I hope this helps you! (:
answered Dec 8, 2012 by anonymous
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I think you should just move on. to me it seams like he just wants you for your body like if you wouldn't let him do that then would he get mad or would he leave you? You wanna try to make tests to see if that's the problem
answered Jan 29, 2013 by hannahs3 Newbie (140 points)


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