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Crush problems!! Help!!?

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Please Help!!

Ok last year in 7th grade my best friend told my crush that I liked him, so that day he confronted me about it and being the shy person I am I freaked out and denied everything. He looked sad or maybe disappointed. Ever since he's really awkward around me and he doesn't talk to me as much (he is a shy person as well) we only have short one sentence talks. And still after 1 year I can't get myself to stop liking this boy! Now during this, I set my mind off of him and started dating another guy, and still, I couldn't help it, I said I really liked my bf, but then, ofcourse in my homeroom I see him and I fall for him all over again. He talks to everyone in my homeroom BUT me. And sometimes I get little hints that he likes me, but I can never be sure. And I'm only in 8th grade, and Im still questioning if I'm ready to me in a relationship. I'm nerves, if he likes me, will he wait for me? I kills me when I even see him with another girl, even if they r just friends, I know when they flurt. :(  

Should I just try to forget about him? Or if not, what should do with is boy!!??!??!
asked Dec 2, 2012 in Dating by Dancer_gurl Newbie (130 points)
I feel ya I am in love with this popular boy and I'm
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Well you know its really hard but I think you should talk to the guy you like and tell him what you feel for him and see what happens but don't rush him give him time if you really love him go for it and get to know him:)
answered Dec 5, 2012 by anonymous
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An 8th grader is discovering and accepting so much and so quick that sometimes you speak before you think. You knew your friend would tell HIM. Right? Maybe a second chance is in order because HE wanted to hear YOU say it and the beginning was too much for YOU. I suggest when you see him not talking or goofing around the following. Touch his arm or hand and take a deep breath and in a voice only he will hear say "I want to tell you I do have a crush on you. I can tell you now because I am so sorry I didn't before". Smile and take a deep breath and count to three in your head. Stay and listen or walk away if he says nothing.
answered May 11, 2013 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)
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You should just go up to him and tell him that you lied about everything you said and that you really like him a lot. Don't go all out and say "I like you a lot and I lied to you about everything that I said last year!" Just be calmn and say "Hi. Remember how last year when I said that I didn't like you and my friend was making all that up, well the truth is that I do like you, a lot, and I was hopping that maybe we could be friends or maybe more than friends?" And if he says yes then that means he's perfect for you, if he says ill see or something like that then that means he's not that in to you but he'll give it a try and see if he likes you, if he says um maybe i have check my schedule ill call you later tonight or some crap like that then that means hes definatly not into you or that he has a girlfriends and he wants to break up with her because you finally gained guts and told him the truth. If you guys do go out but then he ends up breaking up with you for no reason then that means he's cheating on you and that he's no good for you so don't take him back if that happens. But I really think that you should wait until your 3rd year of college because you dont know what will happen. He could be the wrong guy for you, he could be the right guy and you could end up being pregnant and he would leave you because whe doesn't want to support the baby. Just wait but if you really don't want to and you want to get him before he's gone forever then go after him. -This gurl rocks
answered Jul 2, 2013 by anonymous
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well i would do the thinks he likes to do and maby he will notcic you
answered Nov 16, 2013 by anonymous


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