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What does it mean if you have a dream your parents die by accdient?

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What does it mean if you have a dream someone accidently kills your parents  I had a dream she gave them an apple and they choked and died on the seeds what does it mean
asked Dec 6, 2012 in Dreams by anonymous
recategorized Dec 8, 2012 by Richard S

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That is a a rather strange dream. Maybe you are afraid of something happening to your parents. Did you know the someone who gave them the apple? Does she not like your parents.  You know apple seeds are poison. I don't know that your dream means anything. Do you have fears about your parents or about your friend?
answered Dec 17, 2012 by southernwave Inquisitive Expert (26,730 points)
if you have that kind of dream then if your parents die in your dream you give more life to them, that is a very good thing.
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death in a dream does not represent the actual death of a person instead it represents the ending of the old in the beginning of the new the dream of death could suggest the elimination of fears and phobias or a new ability to take the initiative perhaps in the form of an over to you confrontation with someone such a dream might mean that you were coming to terms with childhood experiences it might indicate that you are at growing childish idealistic attitude death of in occupied our dreams when we are emerging from depression or despair and you're contemplating the future
answered May 31, 2013 by anonymous


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