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Aren't they periods of global warming and global cooling occuring naturally?

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I think there are times of global warming and global cooling that occur naturally with out the help of man. How can man be so arrogant to think they can affect the weather. They can do things to make the air unbreathable but the weather, I think God and nature is biggest part of this.

I remember when I was a  child, we always went to granma's house on Christmas day. All of us on shorts tone day. I found out a boy in school went swimming in the creek that day it was so hot.

Personally I like the mild winters. I don't have to pay so much for the heating of my home and my energy bills are not as high. Also the ice doesn't get on the lines and we are without electricity and it damages the nets in my quail farm.
asked Dec 14, 2012 in Global Warming by southernwave Inquisitive Expert (26,730 points)
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Humans are a major contributor to global warming, many of our actions from producing raw materials such as steel and electricity, manufacturing road vehicles, ships and aircraft, refrigerators, televisions (this list is endless) to transporting goods and people around the world, encouraging cows to produce milk (by product methane) and even incinerating our waste, all have a detrimental effect on our world.
answered Aug 23, 2013 by bbrown Inquisitive Expert (97,580 points)


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