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Am I in love with my BFF ?

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Ok so last night I had a dream that I became a les with my best friend Kate . It toatally freaked me out but for some reason I actually want it 2 happen .so it was really awkward when I was talking 2 her 2day.funny thing is,that last mounth one of our friends who is a les told us that we would make a cute couple . But now she has a boy friend. What should I do?
asked Dec 18, 2012 in Lesbian by anonymous
I think you should just try dreaming about you and your own boyfriend. The fact that she has a boyfriend says it all! You best not go there before you cause any embarrassment; and stop thinking of women! Let me do that for you babes?

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She has a boy friend. Just because you had a dream does not make you a lesbian. If she ever lets you know that she is interested in you, then approach her with her feelings. If you persue this and she is not interested, you may lose her as a best friend forever. Remember she has a boyfriend, so unless she tells you she is interested, she is not a lesbian.Get over this or you may lose your friend. Remember we all have crazy dreams. Maybe you are watching too much of the wrong television.

Remember always that if you pursue this you could lose your best friend. Because of a crazy dream are you goiing to take that chance.
answered Dec 25, 2012 by southernwave Inquisitive Expert (26,730 points)
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maybe ur bi curious
answered Jan 28, 2013 by anonymous


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