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discrimination by lawyers due to health issues and no proection in the courts

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I must know what can be done, when a lawyer I hired refused to defend me, after my ex husband went into see him and allow him to remove documents I provided him Proof of inventory removed from our company and set up elsewhere and set up with others in the US in 2004- applied for bankruptcy 2006 and released from bankrupuptcy in 2008. My ex had set me up for many years, while he and the accountant embezzelled the company I was half owner of. As well we also had another parntner with a few shares. My ex managed to manipulate this man somehow, and for nearly a year I asked the lawyer to act on the court order and refused. I hired another lawyer who took my case immediately upon seeing what had happened to me and many civil suites he was going to defend me due to all the lies on affidavits my ex signed as well as the abuse he put me through. The new lawyer said he just needed to know all the last lawyer had done for me so he would not repeat the same. The lawyer I had, had done nothing and was afraid if this new lawyer saw that I was not proteced me, would have taken the first lawyer to the bar. This frighented the lawyer I had and told the new one I hired, that he was taking very good care of me and no money in our business. May the court ordered company books be produce immediately and an audit done right away. No books produced or any audit done. This first lawyer lied to protect himself and then turned me over to a friend of his right away. I begged him in July of that year to find me a lawyer who knew how to deal with business records, and he would not.

I  need help, as my ex has managed to have the Judges superior court order changed and not pay the support ordered.

Now my ex is tryiing to take away the few dollars he is paying now, and claims he only earns between 12 - 17 thousand dollars a year managing a huge very expensive bed and breakfat with his wife or girlfriend. Right after he managed to hame the court order changed, he posted pictures of himself riding a camel in dubai Arabia.

My ex and the accountant have cheated the Canada Revenue Agency since 1990, padding the books.

As strang as this may seem, it is possible to be discriminated by a lawyer, when one is dealing with a psychopath.

I was conned for many years, and am blessed to get out when I did.

I am disabled and can not work, as well as on a pension and if I do not have the little support he is trying to get out of, I will not be able to take care of my health. Many health issues I have are not covered when on pension.

If anyone know where I can get help, as I have no money to hire a lawywer like my ex is able to afford.
asked Jan 7, 2013 in Disability by gladiass Newbie (120 points)

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