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How do I know if he likes me if he keeps on doing this?

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So I have known this guy for a long time and just a couple of days ago he kissed me on the lips and then a couple more times at the corner of my mouth. I then asked him why he did that and he said because I needed another kiss from a guy my own age and that he wanted to and it brightened my day which it did. Then I asked him why he wanted to and he said because he liked me and that he would do it again. Today we hung out again with a whole bunch of people and he kissed me again and then stuck out his tongue like we were gonna make out and rubbed his tongue against my lips which were closed. Then I was laying down on the grass and was yawning with my mouth wide open and he took his tongue and put it in my mouth. He keeps on touching my boobs and saying that he wants to make out or that we should go into the bathroom and make out or he will try to pull me in there but I keep chickening out and don't know if he likes me or not so please help me!
asked Aug 17, 2012 in Dating by anonymous
How old are u?

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This can be physical contact which you say as lust.So you need to ask him exactly if he loves you are he is just trying to fulfil is physical desires.
answered May 3, 2013 by jlopez Inquisitive Expert (23,000 points)


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