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Im a sixth grade girl.i like this guy named christoper who's kinds a nerd but still cute and nice.idk if he likes me but i do catch him staring for long periods of time(sometimes my face in generl and sometimes my lips and once in awhile lower).i liked him for a good long time and i still do but im starting to develop feelings for my friends crush Angelo.i liked him in another grade but stoped because he didn't seem so likeable anymore but now i feel myself liking him again.i like both pf them very much but i dont know what to do or who to take more interest in.i also catch him staring at the same places as Chris but this guy sits with me at lunch.Chris tries to but everyone pushs him and Angelo know each other very well so of course we both laugh like crazy at stuff but i find hes trying to make me laugh a lot and asks me for help on school work.well that was a lot of writing but plz i need some answers to this.thanks! ~lost and confused
asked Mar 14, 2013 in Dating by jolinrm1212 Newbie (120 points)

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I would like to say that at this age you tend to have mutual attraction towards the opposite sex or the same sex depends on the individual, it's actually a infatuation which happens, When someone cares for you or start to stare at you. So my suggestion to you would be that try diverting your mind and start taking interest in other things. You will actually understand the meaning of infatuation and a Relationship when you grow up.
answered Apr 24, 2013 by jlopez Inquisitive Expert (23,000 points)
Question came from a 6th grader. Answer was worded without suggesting a dictionary be used for better understanding of this respondent answer.


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