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Can i be evicted from a family owned home if i don't pay rent or have a rental agreement? ?

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I am living in a home purchased by my mother whom retired and relocated to Mexico. The home is legally under my aunts name. She has contacted family members asking to relay the message that she wanta me out of the home in 1 week because i refuse to pay her $700 for fire insurance. There is no rental agreement binding us as she was aware that my mother has left me in charge of her home and animals. My only responsibilities are to pay the utilities and taxes when due, but will no longer agree to as i have just recently learned that it is the home owners responsibility. She has used my payments as tax write offs for herself.
asked May 12, 2013 in Civil Rights by anonymous

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The name on the home deed may move into the home themself or allow anyone else to reside within the home. However, certain financial fixed expenses must be paid for the home. Your mother should have explained the circumstances you would eventually become involved in as her occupancy may have been under specific conditions. The Aunt now has the legal upper hand unless you are able to purchase the home for yourself. At this point, you are standing on shaky ground. Perhaps you have the ability to buy your own home at this time and should pursue the American Dream.
answered Dec 26, 2013 by kfox Inquisitive Expert (83,500 points)


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