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Should I say yes?

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I'm 13 and I recently met this boy that goes to my youth group. We had a sleepover type thing at the church and on the second day he told my best friend that he liked me. But he made her swear not to tell me. So eventually she told me and I sort of freaked. I have a crush on him too. So I've started to text him on my friend's phone but I can only do that when I ride the bus. (Which is almost never) He sits by me at church and we talk and hang out. He learned that I loved chocolate so he brought me a huge chocolate bar. He told me I was pretty, quiet, beautiful, nice, his grandma thought I was pretty, his lock is my name, his screensaver is me, and yah he stalks me. So anyway I'm not allowed to date but I really feel that I do like him. He said he is going to ask me out, so should I say yes??? Sorry for long story :) all help is appreciated!! By the way I only see him twice a week :(
asked May 13, 2013 in Dating by anonymous
you should say yes if you like him .
By the way that was my question. I just forgot to sign in before I asked it;)

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I feel you should go ahead and say yes if you really like him but than to get in a relationship i still feel you are too small.So it can just be a infatuation and not love.

answered May 15, 2013 by jlopez Inquisitive Expert (23,000 points)
Thanks for advice :)
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u should say yes if you guys like each other let it be dont be shy to face it hope u guys are happy toghether
answered May 29, 2013 by anonymous


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