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Am getting deported?

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I'm in the us for 11 years now I have a 8 year old daughter and a stepson 11, these kids are American citizen..which both of them mother die 4 years ago so am taking care of them.. I'm facing deportaion for sales of marijuann. I have no one to take care of them plus I can't take them with me if I have to leaving the country.. can any one help me...
asked Aug 23, 2012 in Federal by anonymous
edited Aug 23, 2012

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The marijuana sales charge certainly complicates things. Some states, like California, have an Office of Immigration Assistance -- yours may, too. But because there's a charge involved you'll probably have to get an immigration lawyer to see if there's way you can stay. There have been recent changes and movements to allow non-citizen parents to stay in the US if their children are citizens, but the charge may make those programs unavailable to you. If you want to post your state I'll try to find out what help is available in your area. Good luck!
answered Aug 25, 2012 by PeteOne Inquisitive Expert (8,220 points)
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trust me on this one, your children will be far better off in the long run if you are not around.  just because the current law says children/people born in the U.S. are citizens (which I believe is stupid), doesn't mean the law should be changed or ignored because of people like you, who break the law, cut-in-line of others trying to become citizens, and drain the systems.  oh ... you've been here 11 years now?  do you believe that makes it okay for you to stay?  i do feel sorry for your plight. I feel really sorry for your kids; and the U.S.

answered Aug 31, 2012 by anonymous


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