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What is appropriate attire for a job interview?

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asked Aug 3, 2012 in Interviews by RoyBoy87 Inquisitive Expert (1,840 points)

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You should dress formal show manners solid colors
answered Aug 3, 2012 by anonymous
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I think it is important to find out as much about the company and the job you wish to apply for before you apply for the job.  You should find out before hand how people dress at the company in the department where you want to work.  If you show up for a job interview at McDonald's, a construction contractor, or a factory wearing a suit and tie, that will probably count against you (but some contractors or factories might expect a suit and tie).  If you show up for an interview at a law office in shorts and a T-shirt, that will usually count against you (but not all law offices are the same).  You should where neat and clean cloths that match the environment and culture of the job you are applying for.  It will usually help you to dress slightly better than the people that already work there but you still have to dress in a way that does not look out of place.

I once applied for a job as a supervisor at a slaughter house.  When I went to the interview I wore a brand new pair of jeans, a new polo shirt, new sneakers, and a clean leather jacket.  I sat down with the head of human resources.  He stared at me without a saying a word for several seconds and finally asked: "You do know what we do here, right?"  to which I replied: "Yes".  He then asked: "What if I hired you right now on the spot but you had to start working right now, would you be willing to get those cloths dirty?"
answered Aug 3, 2012 by explain Inquisitive Expert (1,220 points)
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A rule of thumb is to dress as if you work there and you are meeting the supervisors supervisor. Clothing should be neat and clean in appearance and the total look should not be loud in color nor tacky or promiscuous in style. If need be, use hairspray on a hairstyle that is becoming but not radical. Jewelry should be minimal and not heard with movement. No perfumes. Makeup should be applied with taste (not overdone). Fresh breath and clean fingernails. No gum or mouth lozenges. Maintain good posture and small smile.
answered Jun 20, 2013 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)


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