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Rights being a tennant when landlord files bankruptcy?

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been renting house and landlord (my mom) filed bankruptcy in March.once bankruptcy took  over (May) we quit sending her rent since she isnt owner anymore but werent contacted as to where to send the rent from that point on..NO contact from bankruptcy trustee until 2 days ago when we got a letter from the lawyer representing trustee stating we need to vacate immediately in part to not paying rent . we have the money in savings but like I said no one told us what to do next as far as where to send question is can a letter from a lawyer be good enough bto make us get out or does the sheriff or someone have to serve us..and also how can they say we didnt pay rent when no one notified us where to send it to...any suggestions would be hoouse are my girlfriend and 3 kids so we are stressing over this...mind you we knew this was coming and have been looking for another place but for a letter, which came regular mail, to tell us to vacate immediately has us on nerves...thanks my email is

asked Aug 29, 2012 in Bankruptcy by anonymous

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A landlord can evict a tenant who has filed for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy is frustrating for all creditors, landlords who know the rules can protect themselves better than other creditors when dealing with tenants. When bankruptcy is filed, a landlord should know the status of the lease, what rights the tenant can exercise, and what options are available to the landlord. The bankrupt tenant has the right to reject the lease within the same 60-day period. If the tenant does not assume the lease, it automatically rejects, or cancels, the lease. A tenant can reject a lease before the 60-day period expires.
answered Jan 16, 2014 by jjohnson Inquisitive Expert (54,120 points)


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