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If i have evidence of records im harrassed and unprotected by my county can i Sue?

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When I moved to Waushara County in Wisconsin in 2007, I left from a previous county That harrassed me for two years because my family has a history that seems to label us as targets for unfair treatment, violation of our rights ect. The previous county called the current county i moved to and told them about a case involving my child that was hurt by a babysitter, I was at work and i was ruled out due to my several trips to hospital that went misdiagnosed leaving my child a vegatable. I have my kids and I was not the accused one in case but the county put me threw court orders that were all the same making me pay for classes, tests,courses, ect out of pocket re doing what i already did and repeated this for two years, they treated me like dirt trying to force me to pull my daughters life support plug by secretly petioning the court to ask the judge for his order to force me to end my childs life support and life against my will.even though i was never a suspect due to my allibi ect they dragged on with no reason to keep my kids and put them in foster care where my son was sexually abused and my daughter was sexually abused and i presented medical evidence from a doctors testimony the judge found evidence it happened and ordered a restraining order against the abuser but never charged the abuser instead placed my child with the abuser that lived with my childs dad. Theres alot more but after i moved CPS was immediatley at my door making accusations to try to force me to sign papers, this continued until several years later they coerced my son to admitted to abusing his sister and instead of my son having orders im being treated as im the one on supervision. The court ordered me to sign all medical releases to my doctors and the social workers slander me by telling my medical providers im a drug user now im being denied my depression medication and my doctors treat me like trash, the cops ignored my calls for help for 2 yrs when i was being stalked,i was ignored by law enforcment until my stalker almost took my life by beating me and strangling me and i was given a injunction but my stalker didnt stop and i was ignored my stalker got off with a disordly conduct fine for his attack on me. The police arrested me for no reason saying 9 months ago a girl in a green truck misrepresented herself when stopped and they think i did it no questions asked i didnt have a truck either, then i was arrested by a cop that walked in my home came into my bedroom while i was dressing stating they got a call i was harming myself, they threw me in jail for 4 days no crime just more lies theres alot more but to top it off the county is now accusing me of recieving foodshare and not being elgible, they had no evidence just theory so im paying 8,500 back and like a dummy when i seperated from my husband again the foodshare worker pursuaded me to get Food share again, she said it would pay on the debt owed i declined again but she convinced me and 6 months later she made accusation and with my documented evidence and court record evidence what do you no i lose putting me in 20,000 debt im at risk of losing all i own now, also in march 2013 i was physically attacked and needed medical care the attack was on tape from my home survelance camers, the cops arrested my attacker then just decided the next day they were not charging her telling me not enough evidence and the DA told me he isnt interested in the video i had, two days later they arrest me for yelling at my son in my home only sending him to his room I was convicted. Please what do do ?
asked Jul 12, 2013 in State by Kime3333 Newbie (120 points)

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I am no attorney but as a woman if I had all those problems I would make it my mission to find me a place to stay far far away from where you are.
answered Jul 13, 2013 by anonymous


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