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who do i contact for health issues in county jails

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issues of lack of food,medical and extreme overcrowding are my concerns in the Washington County Detention Center. in the case of a tornando inmates are locked in their cells on outside walls, in case of fire, there's ONE way out! There are 36 men in a 12 man pod, 3 in a 1 man cell, and that's just one pod   Even though they are incarcerated doesn't mean they aren't human, they also houise Federal inmates, the facility is for hire for overflow from state DOC and Federal DOC. The portions of food won't fill up a 2 yr. old, understanding that it's not a country club nor should it be, but be humane! S the stories that corrections in this state are that, state's being paid to overlook issues? Maybe if the dept. of health shows up unanounced, they may see for themselves!  Thank you
asked Jul 26, 2013 in Health Topics by lacylou Newbie (140 points)

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thank you for your reply. I really question why we as a county, will not stand for abuse to prisioners of war, but no one seems to care about our own! Yes they have done something wrong to be in there , but if someone had a ruptrured sciatic , why would the "cops" throw him to the ground with their knees in his back, and the jail won't do any thing because he's a DOC inmate on a technical violation and DOC won't because he won't be there for a year or less? where is  the justice and humane  treatment in this county? This state for sure! yet there is another who beat his wife so badly she spent  three  months in the hospital, and he's back on the streets while the one with the  sciatic has 180 days in prision for failure to report change of address! Where do go to get some help and someone to do something to help?    Thank you again for your reply!
answered Oct 10, 2013 by smartguy Inquisitive Expert (111,120 points)


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