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Sad dream about a girl

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I wrote a letter to a girl. She read it, laughed and thought it was cute. In my mind I realized we are going out so I hugged her and said I love you and she replied I love you too. So we went to the couch and laid down cuddling. Later a man walks by and goes upstairs and she follows him. I just sat there looking around thinking about her and a sometime later they both come down the stairs together. I try to look her in the eyes but she won't meet my gaze and many thoughts start running through my head like if she ever really liked me, did I say I love you too early, and things like that. After that I was extremely sad and I just stood around with my friend but she was on my mind the whole time and I kept thinking about us and if our relationship was even real and the whole time I was trying to build up the courage to ask her if she ever really loved me.


Thats all I remember before I woke up. After this dream I awoke with strong emotions of sadness and heartache as if I truly just failed that relationship.
asked Aug 14, 2013 in Dreams by anonymous

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These sort of dreams keep coming when you are in your teens, nothing much to think about as you don't know who the girl is, so just think it was another dream and keep moving for another night another dream, hopefully not the same.
answered Oct 21, 2013 by smartguy Inquisitive Expert (111,120 points)


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