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Can I notify my ex spouse I'm moving w/our child since he violated our decree by moving 130mi away

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  The divorce decree has joint phys custody but he offered me phys custody since he moved.The decree states that "if either party moves 100 miles from Black Hawk County, that is an independent ground for an application to modify the Decree."I can't find where Iowa would allow the relocating parent to formally notify the court and the other party about a move, but IA Code 598.21D state: RELOCATION OF PARENT AS GROUNDS TO MODIFY...If a parent awarded joint legal custody and phys. care or sole legal custody is relocating the residence of the minor child to a location which is one hundred fifty miles or more from the residence...the court may consider the relocation a substantial change in circumstances.. So I typed up a notification letter, but I'm not sure exactly who I'm supposed to send it to.
asked Aug 20, 2013 in Divorce by mrktg Newbie (140 points)

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In a joint custody decision following a granted divorce proceeding, the court decides physical placement of child(ren), including child support, medical insurance and maintenance. Any changes to the rulings are to be made known to that judge. An example: Judge Jane Jones, Family Court, 111 S Link St, Rm 101, Atlanta, GA 9999. Should the parent paying child support change monetary status or relocate, the Court needs to know what has changed. The letter should state: Dear Judge _____: On _____, 2013, you granted ____ and ____ a divorce on _____. The case number is ________. I was given physical custody of the child (ren). I have been informed by _____ that my exspouse relocated on ______ and now resides at _____ in the State of ____ . I understand the exspouse is employed at ______. I would appreciate a court date to discuss these changes. Respectfully, _____.
answered Aug 21, 2013 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)


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