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Does she possibly like me?

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I'm a junior in highschool and theres a girl in my grade who is the prettiest girl in my grade. I'm a pretty attractive guy in my grade, and this girl ranked me among the top 5 hottest guys in our grade. I'm not trying to sound cocky but i want whoever is answering this to have as much info as possible. Anyways, I've had a secret crush on this girl since i first saw her in 5th grade. Today i feel as if i cant wait any longer and i really want to see if i can start a relationship with her. My situation isn't the greatest though because my best friend along with every other guy in the highschool likes this girl. Shes wearing my bestfriends jersey for homecoming this week but he didnt ask her to go to homecoming with him. After finding this out, i gave my jersey to this girl friend who is also very pretty but not quite AS pretty. Anyways since my friend isnt taking her i want to know if i should ask her or if theres no hope for me. My friend thats giving her his jersey is also ranked in her top 5 guys in our grade but he dosent have the courage to ask her out even though hes more attractive than me but since he wont make a move on her im becoming impatient and i want to be her guy now. Im not quite sure if she likes me or not or if im making too big of a deal out of all the little things she does but either way, heres my reasons to believe i have a chance with her.

•she always smiles or laughs when we talk (but we dont talk that often)

•she used to poke me back on facebook (now she dosent i dont know why)

•she said im the 5th hottest guy in our grade (but keep in mind she could get any guy she wanted in the whole school so who knows where im ranked out of the whole school)

•she always says hi to me when we pass in the hallway

•she sat by me at lunch the other day

•i asked her whos taking her to homecoming but she said shes just going with friends (i dont know if she was saying that to let me know she didnt want me to ask her or if that was her wanting me to ask her)

•i feel like im attractive enough and nice enough and cool enough to be her boyfriend

•were in the same friend group


so some of you would probably say shes acting how she would with anybody and theres nothing special there but i just really wish there is.. So should i pursue her and ask her to a movie tonight or something? Or should i just give up?
asked Sep 22, 2013 in Dating by anonymous

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You could pursue her and ask her to a movie and try to find out how she really feels for you. It would be better to try to find out how she really feels and know the truth rather than to give up and not ask her and keep wondering if she really liked you or not.
answered Dec 5, 2013 by smartguy Inquisitive Expert (111,120 points)


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