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My crush told me he likes me back but now he doesn't talk to me. What do I do?

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I've liked this guy on my cross country team for almost a year and we've become pretty close friends. A few weeks ago we started talking all the time and people were beginning to notice, we also texted constantly and even started some mild flirting (neither of us are very experienced with relationships).  One day he started asking who I liked but I shut down the questions pretty fast, I'm awkward and shy when it comes to  letting someone know my feelings. Then the other day he asked again, but when I shut him down he continued to ask. This went on for 2 1/2 hours (over text) until I finally  said  "well I like you but it's not a big deal" he replied "not a big deal? I think you're awesome! (I like you as well) we should talk more, maybe hangout, get to know each other better haha" I was so happy ad excited and he came to my locker the next morning (total boyfriend move). We talked a little bit and went our separate ways. During practice we had some major eye contact but didn't say anything to each other. So I texted him last night asking if he wanted to meet up in the morning before first bell.  He was all for it but this morning he didn't show up. He didn't even acknowledge the fact that he blew me off and at practice again we didn't talk. My friend also overheard him at lunch today talking to his friend. His friend said "wait so she likes you right?" And he said "yeah" the friend: "but you don't like her right?" Him "I don't know". I went on a date with the friend last year but ended up not liking him but he told everyone we were very involved. Should I ask him if he doesn't like me or tell him my friend overheard them talking? It kills me that we don't even talk anymore. Saturday I'm going to a meet with him all day and Sunday we are doing a fundraiser. I'd like to have my mind at rest about this boy before I run my meet (it's an important race).
asked Oct 4, 2013 in Relationship by anonymous

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Ok so this is just my opinion. I think you sould just hang out with him more... if he really liked you, he wouldnt reject. If he starts getting nervous and not paying any attention to you, maybe you gus should just be friends. Maybe you guys started dating earlier then you shoukd have. So if you want, just dont be sad, just be friends, and dont put to much preasue into the relationship. Maybe things will wor out in the end and you'll ate again someday and it'll be so much better. Try it out. See how it goes.


Hope this helped!!!
answered Dec 4, 2013 by trueblue28 Member (310 points)


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