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How does a custodial parent make a non custodial parent give children back

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I, the custodial parent let my 3 small children go to the non custodial parents to stay for a temporary amount of time due to the fact of me not being employed and was unable to provide day care service to search for employment. I now have income and my children cry to come home everyday but their father (the non custodial parent) is now saying that I, the mother (custodial parent) cant bring the kids back home. The non custodial parent lives with family members, the kids have to share a room with their father. and the older two kids are in school in  Ladonia, TX where the non custodial parent is currently residing. I am trying to transfer them to Bonham TX schools. But the kids are 4, 3, and the youngest will be 2 the twenty-sixth of this month. I have begged and cried and pleaded and he refuses to let me pick them up. I have a clean crimial record and have a three bedroom house and am on section 8. All of my utilities are on and where the non custodial parent is he has approximately3-4 places him and the kids may stay over night. Sometimes their father doesnt even stay where they are instead he stays with other people. This was told to me by his own sister which is the aunt to my children. She also has a house but is not in living conditions for toddlers
asked Oct 7, 2013 in Legal Topics by nickyking4488 Newbie (140 points)
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