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Why is my married ex texting me?

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My ex texted me when he was engaged (20 days before his wedding) begging me to meet with him. He said he loved & missed me, but I refused & told him that I didn't love him anymore but that I wished him all best. He married his fiancĂ©, & 6 months later he texted me telling me congrats on my new job, that it made him happy to hear about it, & that I deserved the best. He also mentioned that he had been "going through some stuff." I didn't ask about or address that comment; my replies are polite but very short. He texted me this week telling me that he had seen me out driving & that he saw that my hair was dark again. He said, "I liked it..." I guess my question is why is he doing this? I would never have an affair, & I do not have feelings for him, but  should I be worried about these texts? How should I respond if he does it again?


asked Oct 12, 2013 in Relationship by FreyaLo Newbie (120 points)

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ok then. if hes married and interested in you, tell him straight out, (NOT TEXTING) you could say "listen ____ but i only want to be friends. your married and i wont have an affair. i loved you but thats  over now. ive moved on and so have you cause your married so please, lets just stay friends" or something along those lines. hope i helped a little :)
answered Oct 15, 2013 by anonymous
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It sounds like he just wants to be friends. It sounds like you are not ready to be just friends, maybe you should let him know that he should give you more time to get on with your life before you can have a friendship with him. When you find another guy that you really care about, this one will not matter and being friends will not be so hurtful.
answered Oct 15, 2013 by smartguy Inquisitive Expert (111,120 points)


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