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My best friends hate my boyfriend.

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One of my best friends is his ex-girlfriend, and the other doesn't like him because he looks like her ex-boyfriend Should I make them deal with it or  dump him????
asked Oct 15, 2013 in Dating by Hermione G. Member (790 points)

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Take them out to dinner with your boyfriend, It would also help if you can discuss the plan with your boyfriend, so he can prepare himself to show his best foot forward, probably you can even ask your boyfriend for him to pay for the dinner, That would definitely give him some points, probably he can instead crack some jokes with your friends minus the insults while at the dinner date
answered Oct 15, 2013 by smartguy Inquisitive Expert (111,120 points)
selected Nov 17, 2013 by Hermione G.
Thank you soooo much! You definatly gave the best answer! That's just what I'll do!
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make the deal with it. if you love him, you should be with him. scxrew there old boyfriends thats the past. just tell them in a nicer way  good luck!
answered Oct 15, 2013 by anonymous
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if you like him, and your friends are good friends, then they'll learn to live with it.
answered Oct 15, 2013 by anonymous
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try to find wethr the reason is same never hurt your frnds bcs they wont breakup with u.there might be a valid reason if both doesnt like him.THINK TWICE BEFORE U LEAP
answered Oct 15, 2013 by anonymous
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think i have to ask her why don't you like my boyfriend if he looks like your ex it doesn't it him
answered Oct 15, 2013 by anonymous
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think about it this way if they hate ur boyfriend because he is there Ex-boyfriend lets rephrase that so ur friend who dated him has a reason to hate him unless she dumped him also has to be a reason u didnt put enough detail for me to give a good full answer but i think it is best to say rate now from what info i have that the girl has a point that ur dateing her Ex the other one just need's to STFU cause he look's like her Ex that is crazy who cares not the same guy if u put more info i might be able to get a better answer
answered Oct 15, 2013 by Twin_Trixx1 Member (450 points)


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