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My love left need her back please help

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 2/months ago we broke up dident know why but begged her to give me a shot to weeks went by and after begging that hole time she said yes to day passed and she changed her mind after that I really dident give her the space to breath because I miss her so bad she finally said we need to talk so I went to her house and we talked she said that she was upset and annoyed by me upset that I was drinking with my friends maybe at most 2 nights a week she said that I would jump to anyone how needed help but we talked and she said we could be friends she tried give ring back the ring I told her the ring didn't mean anything what was on the ring did she was take in back by that and happy after the talk we haven't really talked beside from my half talked with some of her family and they say that she didn't deserve me with all iv done for her they say in ways I was spineless and took to good of care for her she is headstrong imdapent and smart as a whip but with that they say one day she will come back but hope I can find someone how treats me better but we were good together and loved each other but iv lost the love from her and gust want my friend and love back I'm so broke and num without her she still has all the pic of us on her face book the ring me and my fianc\'e9 no guys around goes to work and comes home maybe spends 2 nights a week with friends and sister but other then that not much um please help me I love her and care so much about her I'm lost with out her and want to be that guy to sweep her if her feet agen and give her everything gust don't know what to do anymore giving her the space but after that want to take the right road to be her love agen :-) please any help would be better then how I am now
asked Oct 16, 2013 in Bisexual by Jakewagner999 Newbie (120 points)

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I feel you should first prove her that you have changed yourself completly and than when the right time comes once again have a chat with her and make her feel that life without you had been very difficult and in future would be not possible.
answered Jan 31, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)


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