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why wont my cat 9years come inside apart from eating. Only just started this

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We came back from holiday as usual our cat was looked after in her own home by friends she has know for years.This is a usual practise of which she is very used to......A different cat has been coming in at night and eating her supper.  I have never stopped Winnie from using her cap flap but wonder whether this cat has somehow taken her home and she feels its not hers any more. I have no smell around.. Have washed her blankets, bedcovers, fabrezed the whole flat etc.,. This other cat does not come in whilst we are here and we cant catch him.  Im worried with this big storm coming that she will not come in.  I do plan to close the flap Sunday till the storm is over , but will she not come home at all after that in case i shut her in again. She is sleeping about 100 yrds away in a polythene Potato grow bag with a porch roof over her!!!!! She has loads of bedrooms to sleep in and she wants this!  Do I keep her in or leave her to it.!
asked Oct 26, 2013 in Cats by sandowngirl Newbie (130 points)

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You shold keep her in ofcourse and make her feel at home again.she wl get back to normal soon
answered Feb 25, 2017 by CuriousGirl Inquisitive Expert (313,480 points)


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