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Chances of having/getting cervical cancer

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Hello. This is a very personal question related to sexual health.   I am a 19 (nearly 20 year old woman) who was somewhere between 7-9 years old when I was sexually abused. I was penetrated twice but he ejaculated neither time, as far as I can remember. He also made me participate in oral sex about 3-4 times (receiving) and once giving.   I'm convinced the incident is the cause of my OCD and hypochondria. I would like to know whether or not I should go and get a pap test done. I'm terrified that I might have contracted a high risk HPV type such as 16 or 18. What are the chances of me carrying one of these high risk diseases given the fact that a rough 10-13 years have passed and I've had no symptoms? I had itchiness in my vagina once in a while as a pre-adolescent and warts on my toes however.    The rapist was a friend of the family and mum tells me he wasn't carrying anything but I'm not sure if she'd know.   This had had me worried for years now so I thought I should finally get it off my chest and ask.
asked Nov 1, 2013 in Cancer by anonymous

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Cervical cancer can happen to any women but it usually happens after late 30s.You dnt need to get scared ,there are very less chances of you having cervical cancer but still you never know,If you still have doubt,get yourself tested .That would be better.
answered Feb 25, 2017 by CuriousGirl Inquisitive Expert (313,480 points)


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