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So there is a guy...But I don't know where we stand..Or how he really feels..

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Okay so, I have had a crush on my best friends brother for about hmm 5 month now? and him and I have had a 'thing' for a while now and not long ago(a month or less) I had my first kiss with him.When ever i'm with him or around himand no one else is he acts like were pretty much dating, well he shows/acts like he does care and does show that kind of interest in me.We've talked a lot and once he brought up the topic of boundaries' meaning things I was fine doing with him and things I didn't want to do yet beause he said he didn't want to make me feel uncomftable or anything. He's asked me to hang out with him and his friends once  but I couldn't come :-P and when we are talking he always flirts with me and says/acts and he just so much fun and the first guy I've been comftable around and that I really like a lot.

I have talked to him about the subject of there being a chance of us being together and he said he would like to but not at the moment because he want to focus on him exams and he doesn't want to 'hurt' me because he doesn't have the time to be dating anyone or to treat a girl the way she should and so on. So I have accepted that and I compleatly understand, but at school around his friends or poeple in general he pretends like there has been nothing between us. Also I remember him mentioning he didn't really want anyone to know about anything between us yet for some reason. There was a time when we were coming early to school to just hang out with eachother before everyone else came, one time we were cuddling/huggling sort of a thing and two people walked passed and he pulled away because he thought it was once of his friends or something, there was also a time when we were walking to the school canteen with his friend and his friend was a head of us and he pulled me back behind the wall and kissed me so that his friend wouldn't see... This kind of makes me feel like he's imbarrest of me or that he doesn't want anyone to know because there is nothing to know?? ://

At school he doesn't pay that much attention to me but he says that is because he is just used to his normal scedual of being with his friends and not me since we are in two different year groups sit in two compleatly different places. And about a couple of moths ago one of his best friend/ ex girlfriends ( I did some reasurch..)  anyway, she left the country and most things happend a while after that... so I feel like a pass of time to him or something.. I feel like he is just using me atm while his friend is away, even though he says he isn't using me he sometimes gives me that indication ://

We're not dating so what are we?
Help, please?
asked Nov 2, 2013 in Dating by anonymous

Someone to kill time w/ people use others all the time.youll see .unfortunatly it never changes.frown

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In such situation either the boy is trying to keep the relationship secretive even though he is serious with it orelse as you said he must be just flirting with you. I feel you should politely chat with him and ask him what we do you have in your mind about the relationship orelse keep a distance and start ignoring him for a while and see how he reacts to it.
answered Jan 31, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)


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