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Tasmania police, and Colonial records 1840 to 1900 ( Australia )

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I have been advised to write to you, as you may be able to help me. According to the Australia Archives all history records, documents, photo's etc were forwarded to the London Library Achives prior to 1900 for storeage. This statement is comfirmed by the Tasmania Archives Section.  About mid 1862, a fishing boat with 2 members, disappeared off a island due south of Tasmania, called Bruny Island, in their fishing grounds. My 2 ancestors, William Owen and his son also called William, disappeared with their boat called The Terror, no bodies, or wreckage was ever found. In 1865, the widow remarried . I have been trying in vain with the different departments here, to obtain any information on this accident at sea, and to get the death record of my 2 ancestors, whether they are just too lazy to look in their old records to help me, i do not know, all i receive all government records prior to 1900, police reports, colonial records, all were sent to England for storeage in their achives.  was wondering whether you can help me in any way, in other information concerning the sinking of The Terror and the faith of the 2 Owen Family members.?  I have try Trove, no police or official notices, only one from the family, concerned over the disappearence of The Terror and the William Owen senior and junior, a other article a church collection for William Owen's widow Mary and children. Hoping you can help me in some way.   Prior to 1900, what was the time period after a death where no body was found, before the widow would legally marry again.?   Kind Regards Robert
asked Nov 3, 2013 in History by anonymous

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