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My friend needs help

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My friend that is 15 years old has an almost 4 month old son, on multaple occasions her mother has treated her and her son like crap the most rcent time was when she left he rdaughter and her grandson in her car in uner 30 degree weather without the car keys for an hour. So my friend started an argument with her mother and her mom kicked her ou. So my mother an I took her in. But the nest day her mother went to our highschool and reported her a runaway, My firends mother continued to lie to the police officer and make up stories. They let my friend stay with me until wednesday so she could go talk to the school counselor but the counselor blew her off and they never talked to her do today (thursday) Her mothwer wnet to the school again and stated she was a runaway, and wants my friend to go home tonight but my friend dosnt want to he rmothers house is not a safe place for her and her son and she is scared to go home becayse her mothger is going to beat her. At her mothers house my friend is not takin casre of, There is no food in the house it is an absolute mess and her mother leaves her daughter and grandson home alone almost every night to go gamble away all their rent money, her mother also does not keep the heat on in the house. My friend wants to continue living with my mother and I because her and her son are very well takin c are of. What do i do> What are her legal options. I need help.
asked Nov 15, 2013 in Lawyers by anonymous

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