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Resided here 17 mths, co-occupant and executor of owners unit and his will. My home is being threatened.

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Greetings; I was added to the Occupancy Agreement of a dear friend in June/July of 2012. He was sickly and I moved in to assist him for his only relative resides in Chicago. This is a cooperative community and I was told that upon his demise, that I would be able to transfer the title. He passed in May of 2013. In June I was informed of fees that were due and that the "carrying charges" would increase starting June 1, 2013. At the end of September I was informed that I didn't have enough income as well as a credit issue that was on my report last year (that my attorney attempted to handle for me, due to the charge was falsely placed there) I was told I had til the 13th of October to produce income as well as management would meet with the board members. I had submitted a letter to the Board previously and was told by the Vice-President of the Board that they never got to view the letter and was told the matter had been handled. Shortly thereafter I received a letter dated Oct. 1st stating that my application had been denied. I had to come in and put the home that I have had for over 16 months as home up for sale and that they would give me the proceeds? I have been very neighborly, have caused no problems other than attempting to involve the Board of Directors due to the issue is one of credit worthiness and I have paid the requested money on time never late since June 1. I even paid the "transfer and closing cost fees". My carrying charges have been accepted since June first, until just Saturday I received a letter stating that I have to be out by the 15th of December or they will change the locks on my doors! I am the executor of his will and have probated the will. I have the support of his only living heir (his sister) yet the board won't respond other than my going to the home of the vice president whose resides in my building. She states they are with me and that the President could over ride the manager's decision. I have yet to hear from them? Help? What are my rights? Can they put me out of the home that I have had, worked hard serving my friend for over 20 years, who was a member here for over 30 years!!! Why do I have to sell when the only issue is credit worthiness and as of Nov 1, I've paid on time for 6 months? I did not come off the streets this is my home now for 17 months. Help????
asked Nov 18, 2013 in Buying a Home by anonymous

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Get a lawyer with a perfect record regarding Last Will and Testament... a probate lawyer.
answered Feb 11, 2020 by anonymous


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