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Born that not a blood-line, of the aready chosen children of GOD?

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The Christmas Song (French- i'll assume) is NOEL, and it states "Born is the KING of Israel"  A Jewish man himself, was Jesus.  He would be one of of the "Chosen Children of GOD" - already.

  His SON's or daughter's would be ALL Jewish people, and seems GOD would say thay are all his children.  All would be considered KING's & Queen's- princes, prince, etc.

GOD would be KING, because of his blood line.  But we have NO DNA to prove it for anyone.

Christains are BORN of Sin already.  This to say, they must WORK for a FREE pass to the after-life or HEAVAN or king James Definition: "The SKY's above". -(NOT a place too where one can go sit down to eat, drink, or play a harp at)

If Jesus was Christain - that is a FREE pass to hell, and Jewish people do NOT belive in HELL.  Why would he, as a Jewish man wish to save the Human soul by creating a NEW cult?
asked Nov 26, 2013 in Christianity by Christmas2013 Newbie (120 points)

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Your knowledge of Christian faith is wrong. Christians do not believe or teach that one "must WORK for a FREE pass to the after life or HEAVEN..." The best example of this is the thief dying on the cross beside Jesus. He asked Jesus to remember him when Jesus entered His kingdom. Jesus replied, "Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise." The thief did not work for a free pass. He asked for it by placing his faith in the only begotton son of God, Jesus Christ.

You also stated that Jewish people do not believe in hell. Wrong again.
answered Jan 15, 2014 by charlie Inquisitive Expert (100,740 points)


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