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Will freshwater worms eat aquarium snails or be harmful to my fish?

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I have two aquariums and each have large apple snails and Fantail guppies. One of the aquariums had some native guppies my son had caught from our dam, they are now in our pond as they were killing the fantails. However, when my son brought them up from the dam, somehow a native australian snail was brought with them. We have these snails in both tanks now. I recently bought elodus plants... well, roughly three months ago, the snails seem to love it. However, today as i was cleaning one of the tanks i found a worm, (this is the tank that didnt have the native guppies) it looks like a regular earthworm and was roughly ten centimetres long. As it appears to live in the rocks and not on my fish I have deduced it isnt a parasite - however, in recent weeks the largest of the native snails died, (they do typically have a short life cycle) then just the other day i noticed that many of the adolescent native australian snails had died also. I frowned, scratched my head and went about making sure there was enough food for the snails... which there always is, but i thought that perhaps my apple snail had been taking most of the food. Until today. All i wondered was, is it possible that the worm has eaten the snails, My apple snail has just had three clutches of eggs hatch and i'm worried the Apple Snails will get eaten before they mature enough to be sold. Can you Help me?
asked Nov 27, 2013 in Fish by anonymous

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Not all worms but some worms are harmful for the fishes.better get rid of them as soon as possible
answered Feb 27, 2017 by CuriousGirl Inquisitive Expert (313,480 points)


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