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how do I get my boyfriend to realize I'm tired of his Shit without breaking up (read description)?

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My boyfriend and I keep having problems sexually. I want to have sex more often and he never seems to want to. It seems like every time we do lately it's to get me to shut up or because he feels obligated. I've tried everything I can think of within the last year and a half to fix this. I've was patient at first we talked about it but lately it's all we fight about because the patience is gone. It's never gotten better only worse. He says he has a low sex drive but that doesn'tkeeo him from masturbating to porn almost everyday. I love him so much this is the only big problem in the relationship but I don't know how much more I can take. How can I get him to work with me to want me to get my point across " that he needs to fix it or things aren't going to end well
asked Dec 11, 2013 in Dating by felicia

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Sex is an important aspect of most relationship. Here are a few tips you can consider: Look at a proper time and raise this issue but avoid it while having sex, Be upfront and honest on what you talk, Avoid blaming and attacking your partner, try to get the reason out, try to listen more on your partner's conversation, keep your partner high and respect his conversation.
answered Jan 31, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)


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