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will a bath or shower help more with the itching of scabies

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asked Dec 14, 2013 in Skin by Michael Stratton

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Not likely. In fact it will probably make the itching worse as it will make the mites more active. Scabies will not go away on it's own and if left untreated will only get worse. You need to get to a doctor ASAP, have the presence of mites confirmed then be prescribed the treatment. Sometimes no mite is found in cursory scrapings but it will still be given the treatment. I don't know if the treatment has changed from many years ago but whatever treatment is prescribed, FOLLOW IT TO THE LETTER EXACTLY, DO NOT CUT CORNERS OR TAKE ANY SHORTCUT. ALL the mites MUST either: a) be killed on/in your skin by the Lindane (pesticide) Lotion or, B) die of starvation after three days without blood. If even one pregnant female or one male and one female survive and re-establish in/on you as their host you will have to wait and live with them for another ten days because a second lindane treatment within ten days could trigger you to go into pesticide shock or seizure. They used to (and still may) treat a scabies mite infestation with the same pesticide used to kill termites! Sarcoptes Scabiei is one tough and stubborn critter, not surprising considering that the only other mammal they feed on other than humans is dairy cattle.
answered Dec 15, 2013 by anonymous


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