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Im too shy to look at any girl, how can i talk to The girl i really like?

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(Just so you know im 19 and working, so please answer accordingly, not school advice lol, most of the internet seems to be school relatable and fairly useless to me :> )

We only see each other on the sunday, as our shits are different days, AND she works in a different department rather close by. as a result we only see each other during the mornings before our shift and sometimes during lunch. and ofcourse if one of us finishes our workload early, people move around to help other departments.

Im also very sure that she is equally attracted to me because of the way she looks at me (for like a second, as i do her) but shes rather shy also

Sorry its a rather generic ask, but y'know, also if you do have some advice that is different than the whole internet (trust me, ive scoured many many many pages but they are mostly the same) that would be appreciated..

AANNDD iv tried biting the bullet and blah blah, but i end up choking and not leaving my seat haha, so yeah lol, do your worst :)

Thank you, gracias, arigatou, merci...........
asked Dec 16, 2013 in Dating by Benjamin

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This advice also you might have got from many people through internet, but i would say it again, unless you keep away your shyness, be bold, take the courage and approach the girl and at least start talking to her before you taking the relationship any further, nothing much much could happen, unless the girl decides to approach you, So being a boy that too a19 year old make the first move.Good luck
answered Jan 24, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)


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