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I would like to get more information about the stroke that took my mother's life.

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My mother recently passed away and my family is under the impression we will never get an official cause of death. My father found her dead on the kitchen floor after having seen her just a couple hours earlier, with no apparent signs of distress. The paramedics who pronounced her said it was a likely heart attack, but after the dust settled, our family had a chance to see that my mom had been writing Christmas cards. There were a few cards that appeared normal: clear handwriting, logical text, etc. But then we found about 10-12 cards that had nothing but fragmented sentences and nonsense words. Her handwriting remained neat and legible, though the style changed about midway through her writing from her usual cursive to a more block style printing. We find it so odd that her brain was able to carry on a task that required such dexterity as writing, but that she was so unaware that something was wrong because she never called for help. We believe the task of writing these cards must have taken at least an hour before she finally passed away. Any clarity that could be given on what might have happened to my mom would be greatly appreciated
asked Dec 17, 2013 in Strokes by Sarah Barrett

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